Shaping the future of sport through collaborative innovation

The GSVS was founded on the core belief that innovation is a team sport.

We bring sports leagues, teams, federations, venue operators, retail partners, media distributors, corporate sponsors, technology suppliers, and more, together with cutting-edge startups and technologies to collaborate and bring future fan and athlete experiences to life.

Our Partners

GSVS is shaping the future of the fan and athlete experience through collaborative innovation between the world's leading sports organizations.

Our Areas of Focus

Exploring the trends and technologies with the potential to transform sports

The New Live Experience

The New Live Experience

What will it take to deliver on future game day expectations?

Media and the Metaverse

How does sport collide with gaming to transform media?

Rebooting Amateur Sports

How can sports leaders help rebuild the youth ecosystem?

Wellness & Recovery

How can better understanding of wellbeing benefit performance?

Data-Driven Fandom

How can we cultivate richer fan relationships through data?

Omnichannel and DTC

How do you more effectively build the value of your fans/customers?

Virtual Fitness

How can fitness platforms change athletic development and health?

Performance Science

What are the latest advances driving the next wave of pro advancement?

Gaming and Betting

How does betting integrate into (and transform) the fan experience?

Emerging Sports / Markets

What sports will interest tomorrow's globally-connected sports fans?

Inclusive Innovation

How can sports impact more communities and individuals?

Future of Cities

How can sports play a role in shaping the city of tomorrow?

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    We are accelerating change to unlock new growth opportunities in sports. Not just by investing in the sports, media, and tech space — but by connecting global leaders that can push the industry forward by partnering to launch new, disruptive innovations on and off the field.

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    GSVS provides the access, insights, and resources to deliver measurable results through partner collaborations and engagement with the startup ecosystem.

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