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In 2020, women made up 47% of highly engaged, passionate sports fans, yet at the same time, female fans continue to be overlooked by brands. While strides have been made to close the gender gap in sports coverage, sponsorship, and fandom, we must continue to push industry leaders to strengthen their commitment to advance women in sports as athletes and fans. 

This event featured some of the people leading the fight for gender equity in sports through technology, programs, and advocacy and shine a light on why the future is female.


Fielding Jamieson, Strategy Director at GSVSR/GA Ventures


Tracy Benson, CEO & Co-Founder, Obsesh

Jacie deHoop, Co-Founder, Head of Growth & Partnerships, The GIST

Laura Dixon, Head of External Relations, Spurs Sports & Entertainment and Founder, Pro Sports Assembly

Cobi Jones, Founding Investor, Angel City FC & Former MLS Player, LA Galaxy