R/GA conducted months of proprietary research to uncover what makes for a long-term, repeat customer. These are our findings.

In 2020, we witnessed the marketing industry undergo a serious shift: rather than engaging in the brutally expensive “hamster wheel” of constant customer acquisition, most marketers were planning to drive business growth with the customers they already had. This finding prompted us to dive deeper into what exactly drives people to re-purchase products and stay bought into services.

Through a custom global study of 16,000 people across six categories and nine markets, we discovered a new set of dynamics and expectations that today’s brands must exceed in order to grow with their customers.

Our report, The Power of Brand Relationship Design, explores why the next wave of brand innovation rests on what happens after the moment of conversion, and introduces six insight-driven strategies that brands can immediately leverage to create and nurture a more impactful, two-way relationship.